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A little goes a long way… Easter Baskets

Today's post by Kara- Noel

It’s easy to use holidays as an excuse to splurge. But if you are in the red, you can’t. Well… you can, but you shouldn’t! Holidays can still be memorable without spending loads of dough. I bet when your kiddos grow up, they will remember the fun traditions more than what was filling their baskets!

I only spend $2-6 total on awesome Easter baskets.

Kind of. I’ll be more specific…

I only spend $2-6 on “extra” stuff for awesome Easter baskets.

Let me break down this year’s Easter Baskets for you:

  • My biggest trick is to use holidays as a way to give your kiddos something they were already going to get. Spring/Easter marks the beginning of swimsuit season so the kiddos get new bathing suits in their Easter baskets. I would have had to get them new suits anyway so why not make it into a giftie AND a tradition I can use all the way into their teen years? We also just transitioned from sippy cups to big boy/girl cups. The kiddos needed a reusable water bottle for car trips. I picked up some adorable ones at Old Navy for only $5!
  • Save hand-me-downs and gifts for Easter baskets. Last year Eli was given swim trunks that were too big and Cora has a hand me down suit for her new size so this year’s bathing suits are FREE! Also my friend Soni from the Stringbean Company gave the kiddos some adorable super hero capes.  I saved those suckers for some free Easter basket fun!

  • The extras should be minimal & cheap. I do pick up 2 or 3 little things to put in each basket. This year they are getting pool noodles from The Dollar Tree. Dollar stores are great for little things like this. Remember to be picky, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you should get 20 things! Go in with the goal to only get 3 items maximum and pass on toys that will fall apart in seconds.
  • Buy at the after Easter clearance sales. This tip is easier said than done! You have to be organized. I pack anything I get from the clearance sales in my Easter decorations box so it won’t get lost in the garage or in some random bag under the bed. This tip is great if you want to get something Easter specific like a book or DVD about the holiday. If you got something last year for this year, don’t be tempted to buy more!
  • We use the same Easter baskets and plastic eggs every year. No cost there! (I’m sure I’ll have to cycle out eggs as the years pass but I’ll pick them up at after Easter clearance sales for cheap) Our tradition is to leave the empty baskets and eggs out the night before for the Easter Bunny to fill up.
  • We fill the eggs with candy (which I most likely saved from St Patty’s Day!) and money. Yes folks, money!! An egg might have a quarter or 3 pennies (if your kiddos are older you should up the $$ a bit). They will get to save a bit and donate some to our sponsored children in Africa.  We are teaching the kiddos young about saving and giving money to charity. I’m sure they will figure out how to spend it on their own!
  • Use the family! If family members give Easter baskets, don’t be afraid to let them know things you need. I gave my mom a call 2 weeks ago to tell her the kiddos needed Band-Aids and beach towels. Two fun things for the kiddos to get in their baskets and two things we are saving money by NOT having to buy!
  • Focus on the meaning of the holiday! Easter isn’t about baskets…

Yep, we are a Easter matching family  … this year we’ll be in blue!!



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Reader Comments (4)

I love this post! I bought little fabric purses in the 1.00 section at Target & filling them with items they will use such as stickers, eggs with $ ( love the idea of donating part of it) & some hand me down really cute t-shirts we received a while back.
Funny how the extra stuff for holidays can add up. The girls are wearing last year Easter dresses ( which they are totally fine with ) Tabi's still fits and Sophie is excited about a very pretty hand me down she received from her sister! And we always buy new shoes ( our tradition & by Spring they need new shoes anyway).
Thanks for another wonderful post!

March 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDonna~ Blessed Nest

Wow, great ideas, Kora. My fave is the idea of giving your kids things they need anyway. I try to check off a few from the kid's booklist with each holiday. And I too save baskets and even Easter grass every year! Happy Resurrection Day. YES, JESUS IS ALIVE!! Hallelujah!!

March 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGina

You are awesome Donna! Love the new shoe tradition! What a special memory for the girls and you would have had to get them anyway so kudos for making it into a giftie!!

March 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkara-noel

Gina! We love giving books too. A gift that keeps on giving :)

March 31, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkara-noel

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