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Tabi + Sophie = joy commissioned 

Meet Joshua Sierk. He is " a musician who draws, paints & makes stuff."

And one of the most incredible artists I have encountered. Just look and see....

My girls. Tabi & Sophie. Heather commissioned this piece of art for a Mother's Day gift. I'm in awe. Joshua captured my little girls spirit, personalities, gifts and weaknesses all wrapped up in this mother's day piece of joy.

Sophie, my 5 year old is shy, covers her ears at loud noise, loud music..she has difficulty at times expressing herself &  she has a sense of humor that melts our hearts and keeps us going.

Tabitha is serious, analytical, a talker, a thinker. They both need each other..they balance each other out. It's beautiful. Tabitha takes the lead but Sophie speaks her mind as well and doesn't let her sister get away with anything.

Joshua has never met my girls. Heather sent him 2 different pictures and he got it! He painted their story.

For more on Joshua Sierk visit his Web site and find him blogging at ydrawYOU

You'll be seeing more of Joshua here on the Perch. ....Joshua will be treating us to something special for MOMday Morning June!


You still have time to enter MOMday Morning giveaway for May. Click on over to Eli's Lids to enter!

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