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Child Safety & the CPSIA

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 "Blessed Nest nurtures Mothers so they can nurture their babies with peace of mind."


Urban Baby daily

Natural-Heights and Blessed Nest were featured in an UrbanBaby Daily email. Read more: Next Door Natural

Project Gracious Parcels

Our knitting night at Natural Heights is accomplishing more than chit-chat and scarves... we are making 7"x7" squares to send to Project Gracious Parcels, who will stitch them together with squares from all over to make blankets for Habitat for Humanity recipients. This is what they call a "win/win"! Go to I Live on a Farm to find out how you can help! (we want to live on a farm too... deep sigh)
The First Gracious Parcels <span class=handknit charity blanket">
Project Gracious Parcles

Hand Picked Pumpkin Journal

What an honor to have been asked to write an article for the March issue of our favorite newsletter, the Hand Picked Pumpkin Journal! Take a look and tell us what you think!

Our Etsy store

We are now selling limited edition Healing Hands on etsy! Take a look, and order one to make you feel all better.

Pillow Talk

A little something you may not know about the Nesting Pillow.... When designing the Nesting Pillows we use high quality, sustainable and chemical free materials. The material on the All Organic Nesting Pillow is of course well, organic. The material on the original Nesting Pillow is organic a well. The only difference is for example; the wren print on this Nesting Pillow is sustainable, chemical free (washed in organic fabric wash) but not organic. The rest of the pillow is. The buckwheat fill, the canvas insert, the french terry fabric on top of the pillow are all organic. When I think of organic, I not only think of organic products. I think of organic living as in a healthy, natural lifestyle. Rest in your nest knowing that whether you choose the all organic Nesting Pillow or the original Nesting Pillow you or your baby are resting and nesting with a healthy, natural, organic pillow. Curious about any of the Blessed Nest products? Please visit our frequently asked questions. Have a great weekend, nesting and resting with your little chickadees. Love, to the moon and back Heather, Isi and Donna why not enter or giveaway for this cute,mini, pink, sewing machine ? Everyone else is (wink)
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