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Happy Earth Day!!!


The first Earth Day in 1970 was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson. It's was in 1962 that he was bothered by the lack of political non-issue. He decided that we needed a "grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment and invited everyone to participate." He gave a wonderful speech you should see HERE .

I love that he points out that it's not just how we dispose of our trash or what recyclable go in which bin. It's the marine creatures, the animals, mankind. It is our ENTIRE eco system. He was a peaceful man with a powerful message. I don't know anything else about him, but these few BIG things are pretty awesome.

Today we will be doing some fun Earthy crafts. I have a hard time throwing away things I know I can re-purpose. There are paper egg crates to turn into seed pots. Styrofoam egg crates to transform into caterpillars with pipe cleaner leggs. Empty metallic chip bags will be turned into streamer for the kids' bike handle bars. The potatoes whose eyes keep following me from one side of the kitchen to the other will enjoy a new (yet short) life as stamps. The 17+ empty milk cartons will join the others in the yard living a nice life as bird feeders.

We will also be giving our compost bin its first turn today. It's so great to know that in just a few months we will have black gold to add to our garden soil. If you have never done compost and want to, there is just one rule to remember. NO ANIMAL FAT!!! That means no milk products, no bones, no buttered toast, no mayonnaised bread scraps. You don't want anything that will attract critters digging for vittles.

Here is a link to some great Earth Day Freebies:



We are also giving away a Nest Egg! Just submit your favorite GREEN cleaning tip by Sunday night at 11:59pm in a comment to this post & we will use random.com to pick a winner!


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