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Keep Your Laws Off My Breasts!

A new law in metro Atlanta will limit breastfeeding in public.

On Monday night, Forest Park, Georgia passed a public indecency ordinance to prevent public nudity. Previously, the city only had a public indecency ordinance that covered adult entertainment businesses.

According to the law, no woman can breastfeed anyone older than 2 years old in public. City manager John Parker called the law a proactive step.

“It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city," Parker said.


Those of us who choose to breastfeed our children past the age of two years now have to run the risk of being arrested and treated like some kind of pervert. This new law actually goes against the Georgia State law protecting Mothers’ right to breastfeed anywhere she and her child are allowed to be. That means if you are sitting in the park, at a café, in church, the library, ANYWHERE! You are allowed to breastfeed your child.


On Monday, May 23rd a large group of us Moms will peacefully go and sit on the steps of Forest Park’s City Hall and feed our babies the way that nature intended. It’s amazing that in the Bible belt, what God created to multi-task for our husbands (boyfriends, partners, what-have-you) and our babies has been turned into something dirty. We have been lumped together with adult entertainment.


If you feel the need to voice your opinion to the city manager, here is his contact information is:

Office of the City Manager
745 Forest Parkway
Forest Park, Ga. 30297
Phone: 404-366-4720
Fax: 404-608-2343

John Parker, City Manager
Email address - jparker@forestparkga.org

Nursing my sweet Billy Goat on Halloween (15 months old). We're still going strong at 21 months.

Reader Comments (2)

It makes me ill when the beautiful gift of breastfeeding is called "indecent exposure" it shows how perverted the "system and our society" is... I nursed Tabitha until she was 32 months, so well over age 2. It was so good for her health, my health and the health of my nursing infant! Praying for you Sie as you make a bold yet gentle stance. I'm proud of you!

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDonna

Thanks, Donna. It was wonderful! We really made the statement we meant to. They are going to re-write the law. It also included that no one over the age of 10 be permitted in public nude. I didn't know there was a problem of naked teenagers running around the streets of Forest Park! ;o)

May 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSierra
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