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Keep Your Laws Off My Breasts!

A new law in metro Atlanta will limit breastfeeding in public.

On Monday night, Forest Park, Georgia passed a public indecency ordinance to prevent public nudity. Previously, the city only had a public indecency ordinance that covered adult entertainment businesses.

According to the law, no woman can breastfeed anyone older than 2 years old in public. City manager John Parker called the law a proactive step.

“It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city," Parker said.


Those of us who choose to breastfeed our children past the age of two years now have to run the risk of being arrested and treated like some kind of pervert. This new law actually goes against the Georgia State law protecting Mothers’ right to breastfeed anywhere she and her child are allowed to be. That means if you are sitting in the park, at a café, in church, the library, ANYWHERE! You are allowed to breastfeed your child.


On Monday, May 23rd a large group of us Moms will peacefully go and sit on the steps of Forest Park’s City Hall and feed our babies the way that nature intended. It’s amazing that in the Bible belt, what God created to multi-task for our husbands (boyfriends, partners, what-have-you) and our babies has been turned into something dirty. We have been lumped together with adult entertainment.


If you feel the need to voice your opinion to the city manager, here is his contact information is:

Office of the City Manager
745 Forest Parkway
Forest Park, Ga. 30297
Phone: 404-366-4720
Fax: 404-608-2343

John Parker, City Manager
Email address -

Nursing my sweet Billy Goat on Halloween (15 months old). We're still going strong at 21 months.


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Where have we been? Well, our lives (all of our lives) have been a bit crazy! Donna from Blessed Nest is finishing up the home school year with her now kindergartner turning 1st grader and 2nd grader now tuning 3rd grader..yikes! Wasn't it just yesterday when Tabitha was born and I needed a great nursing pillow which birthed the awesome Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow???... (Donna takes a deep breath & keeps writing)

Heather has been training our new and oh so wonderful seamstress at Blessed Nest...Kara-Noel from Eli's Lids had some BIG news back in March ( hint somthing about baby# 4) and Andrea from B.Y.O.G  is keeping up with her two boys and working on growing her fabulous biz all while encouraging her amazing friends like miss Elaini.ous'.


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Speaking of fabulous friends we would love for you to get to know miss Elaini.ous'  a bit better so we are placing her in the spotlight this MOMday Morning.


Andrea at B.Y.O.G met Elaini in 2008 when B.Y.O.G. was in its infancy!


This is THEIR story:


" Elaini sent an email one day asking if she could order gowns without the usual pregnancy related packaging. The gowns were for a 17 year old girl named Marissa. Marissa was battling cancer and enduring long hospital stays while she received treatment. Elaini wanted her to feel pretty and have something modest to wear. She thought our hospital gowns would do the trick. I thought it was so sweet of Elaini to buy the gowns for her friend but, as it turned out, at the time Elaini had never even met Marissa! She read an article about her in the local newspaper and followed her heart...amazing! I was so touched by her gesture and wanted to help too. We began to converse back and forth about her first visit to see Marissa in the hospital and after that she was kind enough to send updates. (I'm happy to report that it has been almost two years since Marissa's successful bone marrow transplant!)"


photo by Christa Taylor photographyWe are excited to be spreading the love......On Sunday May 1st one of Elaini's dreams came true. She launched her blog miss elaini.ous'. Elaini has designed a black dress that she will be wearing for 100 days. She will be modeling it on her blog daily but, it's really not about her or the dress though. It's about orphans in India. Here's an excerpt from her blog...


"Orphans in India can’t go to school without a uniform. However, they often don’t have clothes to wear. Growing up surrounded by turmoil, human trafficking, and loss, an education can help these orphans dream about a different life. I have been given so much that I can have “fashion,” while these children struggle to stay clothed. I have to do something. I’m hoping you’ll do it with me.


Join us in helping Elaini raise 50,000.00 for the orphans in India. For more details and to donate go here

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Defining Communication

Please welcome our dear friend Hillary Hildebrand; Mother, Vegan, Artist, Photographer, amazing woman, Sierra's BFF since before dirt was invented. Here is a little something she wrote a while back on her blog Tutti Animal about her son Elias. Here she talks about their journey through his delayed speech. She is one of  the most patient, loving, honest people I know. What lucky boys Elias and his big brother Owen are to call her Mom. Just to sweeten the pot, Hil and husband Ryan are expecting their third child later this Summer.


The dictionary tells me that communication is “the activity of conveying information.” Nowhere in the definition does it say that we must use speech to convey the information, nowhere does it say that the only way to exchange emotions, ideas, or any other information is by use of words. The many animals that we share the earth with have methods of relaying important information to one another, each one is extremely unique. I’ve been studying language pathology since Elias was about 18 months old and his pediatrician suggested that Elias was on a different communication time line than the average child of his age, and since then I have become a keen observer of how people and animals communicate their needs. Our dog, for example, understands a variety of common words. If I say to Elias, “Get your shoes, let’s go outside!” our dog will jump up and run to the back door. If I am sitting on the couch and the dog needs to go outside he will sit in front of me and stare me down until I ask “Do you need to go outside?” He will throw his head back and do a little jump and then sit again. If I repeat the question, he will  repeat his actions until he gets the desired response. That’s how we communicate with our dog, and it’s very effective conversation! Our cats are not as demonstrative in responding to our verbal questions, but they “ask” for thing as well. Our cats jump on our window sill every morning at the same time (haven’t they ever heard of weekends?)and meow until they are fed. When we go out on our back porch they hop into our laps and rub on us to show that they want to be pet, when they are inside and need to go out they mew at the back door and pace. We have learned to read their simple cues and they have learned what they need to do to inspire action. This is the most basic and effective communication: request and response.

When Elias was 12 months old, he was progressing at (or above ) average developmental guidelines in all areas. He was early to sit, stand, crawl, and walk. He was waving, pointing, babbling like crazy, cruising, stumbling around, chattering little basic words like “cat” and “light.” At his 12 months baby checkup his doctor declared him “So advanced!” and “Such a bright baby!” The same things that everyone said about our older son, Owen, who was always right on target with all the basic milestones you keep track of with kids.

One month later we moved to Austin from California and we saw a weird decline in Elias’ physical and verbal abilities. He stopped waving and pointing, he stopped using his basic words, and something seemed “not right.” As a mother, that was what worried me the most, that awful feeling in my gut that there was something going on with my baby that was bigger than a snag in his language development. I started to get The Fear and it would plague me to the point that I felt unable to function or think about anything except “What in the world is wrong with Elias?” He would go all spacey and stare off and I thought it was maybe seizures. He had a delayed fontanel closure, so he had an MRI to check for any brain/head abnormalities. He was not growing as fast as he started out (started 90th% and is now 15th%) so we had to check his thyroid. We had two full developmental assessments done by the leading professional in our city as well as a consultation with a team of neurologists who measured his head for symmetry, checked his palette and jaw, looked in his eyes, etc. The neurologist called us on Christmas Eve to say that Elias’ MRI looked fine and that was the best phone call of my life, hands down. The developmental assessment was not executed in a way that we agreed with, and the diagnosis was very vague “receptive and expressive delay.” The thing is that there was ZERO conviction behind this diagnosis. The specialist said “We don’t know WHY this is happening, this is our best diagnosis at this time.” They did rule our Autism and PDD, which was a step in the right direction.

We have a speech therapy appointment once a week, but the therapist always says “I wish I could tell you why Elias isn’t talking yet.” She told me last week “Every week when I leave here I wonder what is up with Elias.” He is making a little progress lately and they are skills we hope (with baited breath) that he holds on to this time. He is shaking his head “No” which seems to mean both Yes and No right now, he says Uh-oh and he can consistently make animal sounds for dinosaurs and snakes. You can watch a video of us having a “conversation” here.

Very slowly I feel like I am getting more information from Elias about why he isn’t able to talk to us. Just this week he has been trying to imitate mooo for what the cow says, which I thought would be an easy one for him since he already does “mmmmm” when he wants to eat something or is watching someone eat. Instead, he puts his lips together in the M form and blows air. At least he is trying to imitate, something he hasn’t been interested in until now, but it is showing me that his disorder is probably neurological on some level. A motor planning issue of some kind or another. The decision to take him to a neurologist and have this diagnosed by medical evaluation is something I am just not ready for right now. Keeping in mind that the theory is that early intervention is key to a child’s success in catching up by school age, and balancing that with the fact that Elias will be home/unschooled, I’d say there is  not a huge conflict in my mind about whether or not to go that route.  If Elias is not “caught up” at age 5, it is of absolutely no consequence whatsoever to us.

What is the rush for Elias to talk, anyway? Right now it is purely these two things; 1.) A genuine interest in what he has to say and 2.) Peace of mind for Ryan and I. We know that Elias will eventually talk, and we know that he is healthy, happy, and smart. He knows all of his shapes, colors, and animals, he can point them all out when we read books. I went through a stage of fearing that he would have trouble functioning as an adult because I had no way of knowing how much or little he knew, but he communicates with us non-verbally so we have a good idea that he is very much on target with intellectual development. He is really into letters and numbers right now, just like his friends that are the same age.

So why this post now?

Yesterday morning I went to the library to pick up some books for my Internet Vacation next week.  While I was there I watched a mom and her deaf son who looked to be around 10 years old. The mom was holding a book and the son was shaking his head “no.” The mom waved her arm around the library and the boy shrugged his shoulders. They were not using typical sign language, but some kind of personal non-verbal communication. They were standing way closer together than you are used to seeing, right in each other’s space. Finally the boy took the book and put it on the shelf behind them and the mom shrugged and they left. This interaction was SO similar to the interactions that I have with my very verbal 8 year old that I just felt in awe of being able to witness this exchange. What a gift to me at this time in my life, when I was starting to feel a bit of despair about Elias’ speech deficit. Here were two people who would never “speak” to one another having perfectly natural and effective communication. I walked away thinking “Well, Elias and I DO communicate effectively!” We convey our emotions and needs, and it is perfectly successful. I am going to work on helping Elias to express himself in a way that will be understood by others, of course, but I am not so desperate as I was yesterday morning when I woke up to “cure” Elias. His lack of speech does not mean anything for his happiness, and as a parent that is my obvious ultimate goal.

I hereby resolve to let my child devlop on his own time line with our gentle guidance.  We will work toward our goals with confidence and optimism, and without fear. Together our family will support each other’s growth in all areas, God knows we can all afford to evolve.



Happy Easter!

From our Nest to yours, we hope today is filled with love, peace, joy, good food, great family & friends and even a little bit (or a lot) of chocolate!

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