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Back at home

Wow, we haven't posted since January. I think we just loved the post below so much we decided to leave well enough alone here at our perch!

We have made some changes and will update you soon but I basically wanted to tell you I'm back from taking a one year leave of absence to spend time with my family after we lost a friend who took her life and my struggling marriage ended in a divorce. Crazy, I know. But I've been good to myself and have taken the much needed time to enter into the grieving process and I'm so excited to "come back home to Blessed Nest." 

As some of you know Heather and I wear our hearts on our sleeves. We love sharing our life journeys with you in hope that it may encourage you or help you know you're not alone in the struggles you may have. We will be covering many different topics on the perch and look forward to getting to know you all too. Don't keep quiet. E-mail or leave us a comment and let us know how we can help you more!

Donna and SophieThis is Donna and most of you who have been around for a while know me as Heathers right hand gal, the one who answers the phone at Blessed Nest or at least gets back to you ASAP. I also help out with wholesale and retail sales.

Another love I have at our nest is writing. I love to bring you news about what amazing moms are doing and news about how we can nurture you so  you can nurture your baby with peace of mind! But, I'm a busy momma and don't always find the time to get over here.

As we re-group, we are looking for a fresh team of writers for our blog. Please e-mail me with any ideas of what you would like to contribute and we'll see if we can create a community of Moms, Aunties, Sisters, Grandmas and friends who can nurture women everywhere.

E-mail ideas to