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 Welcome to our perch

Perch (noun) \ˈpərch\ a resting place or vantage point

Blessed Nest nurtures Mothers so they can nurture their babies with peace of mind.

The products and the people...



Donna and I have been friends for so many years; I can hardly remember not knowing her. I would be a very different woman without her strength, inspiration and friendship. There is something really special about the women in your life who go through seasons with you... I made her wedding dress in a hotel room in Detroit (that's a funny story for another time!) and she served food at my wedding. We have faced many of life's challenges together with friendship and faith, which have served us very well so far.

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 Our community:   

 Heather- Founder, President & Creative Director of Blessed Nest



Heather, the Founder of Blessed Nest, Inc is our chief inventor, administrator, editor, stylist and head "creative crafter" over at Blessed Nest.     





 Donna -Vice President, sales, marketing  

You will find Donna at the Blessed Nest headquarters wearing her Sales and Marketing hat (it's not quite as fancy as the ones spotted at the royal wedding, but occasionally there are plumes and ribbons). She is a single momma of two sweet girls, Tabitha 12 and Sophie 9. Donna homeschooled her girls for 8 years and now let her little chickadees venture out in to the land of public school where they are thriving in the chaos of it all. She is thankful for her two lovely little assistants, who are also head "cheer" coordinators at the Blessed Nest Sales and Marketing Studio.




  Rebecca-Production Manager and Lead Seamstress

  Rebecca is the perfect mix of talented seamstress and organized manager, to keep things running smoothly, even when it's a little crazy around the Blessed Nest studio. She is really the backbone of the operation, and you can be sure that her love and attention to detail will be part of every pillow that heads to you! In the tiny bit of spare time that her work leaves her, she takes care of her two genius children, her super cool husband and gigantic dog. She is also a rock star... one of the members of the local Lawrence band, Clementine!




 Letitia- Seamstress

Letitia is a stay at home mom of a very active little boy. She has been married for coming up on 8 years. Her grandma taught her to sew starting when she was 8, and she has been sewing ever since. She loves to be able to "work" doing something she enjoys, in between playing with her soon to be two year old, Fritz and taking care of him and her Husband, Josh.

 We are excited to welcome her to our nest! 






Gina, our beloved friend and advisor to our Blessed Nest family, passed away September 21, 2010. She left an impression on our hearts that will forever inspire.

Visit Love Lelilu, remembering Gina Carlin

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... it has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.
- C. S. Lewis
















 Love, to the moon and back